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Murrysville Parks
+ Park/Reserve Summary
+ Bear Hollow Park
+ Bear Hollow Trail
+ Duff Park
+ Kellman/Skena Reserves
+ M. C. P.
+ Pleasant Valley
+ Townsend

Westmoreland Conservancy Reserves
+ Caywood Reserve
+ Flinn Reserve
+ King Reserve
+ McGinnis Reserve
+ Potter's Corner
+ Tomer Reserve
+ Walter Reserve

Cross-Murrysville Routes

Turtle Creek Rail Trail Project

Trails Beyond Murrysville

Outdoors Related Sites

The Murrysville Trail Alliance

Celebrating Outdoor Murrysville


More exciting news about the Turtle Creek Rail Trail !!!
In August 2014 Westmoreland County received
notice from the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC)
of award of $750,000 for construction
of the first few miles of rail trail in the Turtle Creek valley.

Read more on the Turtle Creek Rail Trail Project page.

Please stop by our booth at Murrysville's
Explore Your Outdoors! Expo on Sept. 20
The Expo will be at Townsend Park from 10 AM - 3 PM,
and will feature many outdoor,
hunting, and fishing groups and activities.
If you like, meet us at 9 AM at the Townsend Lower Pavilion
for a Cross Murrysville hike (ending around noon).

Please stop by our booth at the Duff Park Bioblitz on Sept. 26 - 27!
Mark your calendar - all are invited to the Bioblitz
to join experts for science and fun!
More information at

2014 Duff Park Bioblitz poster Link to 2014 Duff Park Bioblitz Poster


The MTA has released a new map of Pleasant Vally Park,
updated to reflect the name of the Brien Palmer Trail.
Color and black and white versions are available.

The Murrysville Trail Alliance (MTA) works to expand
opportunities for trail-based recreation in and around Murrysville.
Please explore our site to learn about trails and the MTA's activities.
If you are interested, please join us for a meeting or activity!
The July 2014 Murrysville Trail News has been issued.
If you would like to receive notice of future newsletters by email,
please ask to be added to our mailing list.
Previous issues may be accessed via the Archives page.

Throughout 2014 MTA meetings will be held at 7 pm
on the second Wednesday of each month.
You are invited to participate in any MTA meetings or activities.

Learn about the Rough Diamond Trail Project
envisioned by David Conrad and described in a 1/29/14
WTAE interview and a popular
Rough Diamond Trail Project video, available online
A first draft of a map of Rough Diamond Trails is available; please help refine the map with information about trails on the Rough Diamond loop, within it, or connecting to it. Please email your comments to Thanks!

Link to MTA Facebook page
Visit the Murrysville Trail Alliance on Facebook!
We've reached 200 "Likes"! We love our MTA followers!

Hikes and Events

Murrysville Trail Alliance "Celebrating Outdoor Murrysville"
2014 Hike Murrysville

April 13 7 PM MCP Wetlands Moonlight Hike (meet in parking lot)

April 26

9 AM Duff Park (meet at pavilion)
The remaining hikes for 2014 will be on third Saturdays of the months:
May 17 9 AM Pleasant Valley Park (meet in parking lot)
June 21 9 AM Cross-Murrysville Hike (meet at Townsend pond)
July 19 9 AM Townsend Park (meet by the pond)
        August - No hike
Sept. 20 9 AM Cross-Murrysville Hike (meet at Townsend by pond)
Oct. 18 9 AM Skena & Kellman Reserves (meet at Skena parking)
Nov. 15 9 AM Duff Park (meet at pavilion)
        December - No hike

Please join us!
Whether you are familiar with the great parks and nature reserves
in Murrysville or wish to explore one for the first time,
you are sure to like these hikes in good company! Just bring water,
dress for the weather, and wear comfortable shoes or boots.

Any cancellations for weather will be posted here.

A Pittsburgh Hiking Meetup group hosts several hikes in our area, including hikes in Duff Park. Join the Pittsburgh Hiking Meetup group at to obtain current information about their hikes.

Westmoreland Conservancy hikes and excursions are listed at the Conservancy website, for which the home page is

Friends of Murrysville Parks (FOMP) hosts several nature walks in Murrysville parks.

The Botanical Society of Westmoreland County hosts many events and field trips throughout Westmoreland County, as shown at

The Botanical Society of Western Pennsylvania hosts many events and field trips throughout western Pennsylvania, as shown at

The Sierra Club Allegheny Group lists several hikes in southwestern PA on an "Upcoming Events" calendar at

The Western Pennsylvania Orienteering Club lists several map-based land navigation orienteering events and provides much information about orienteering at

The Explorers Club of Pittsburgh lists backpacking, cycling, and other outdoor activities in southwestern PA at

Venture Outdoors hosts many southwestern PA outdoor events and activities, shown at

Keystone Trails Association provides much information about trails and recreational trail use throughout PA at

American Trails provides much information about trails and recreational trail use throughout the U.S., including in Pennsylvania, at

Trail Books

A wealth of information about regional trails
is available through the Murrysville Community Library,
either from the Library's own collection or
from other libraries in Westmoreland County via
the Polaris system. Books in the Library's collection are
shown under "Other Reference Material" on our Archives page.

In addition, the MTA maintains a "Wish List" to expand the
Library's collection of trail books; please let us know
if you would like to recommend a trail book
(if regional, addressing southwestern PA)
or sponsor donation of a book.


MTA Table at March For Parks MTA Volunteers at 2014 March For Parks Yoda at 2014 March For Parks
Some scenes from 2014 Murrysville March For Parks
(photos courtesy of Ed Gerstenhaber) (See more photos)