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Kellman and Skena Nature Reserves

The Lillian Kellman Nature Reserve (56 acres) and the Peter and Victoria Skena Nature Reserve (22 acres) together form a quiet oasis in one of the most densely populated areas of Murrysville, and is a hidden jewel.  These wooded, somewhat hilly, relaxing areas offer several loop trails to find solitude or a quiet walk with your dog.  There is a small stream running through the bottom of the valley with its headwater the pond shown above in the Skena Reserve, which is just upstream from the Kellman Reserve. The boundary dividing the Kellman and Skena Reserves actually runs along the dam of the pond. There are parking areas for the Kellman Reserve at the end of Kellman Drive and the end of Evergreen Drive, and a parking area for the Skena Reserve fronting on North Hills Road.

Kellman-Skena Locator Map