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Pleasant Valley Park

Pleasant Valley Park's 262 acres of woodlands, open fields, hilltops and remote valleys provide excellent areas for many outdoor activities year round. Anyone who enjoys being outdoors in a natural area, is likely to find something to like about Pleasant Valley Park (Directions to Park).

Volunteers have constructed a network of single-track trails ideal for hiking or mountain biking, with loops of various lengths. The trails are mostly in the woods, and are enhanced with several footbridges and well-placed trail signs. In addition there are lengths of old farm roads well-suited for family hikes, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing.

There are many dogwoods in some of the former pastures, as well as wildflowers throughout the park, and a variety of trees of special interest in the woods (including paw-paw trees).


Pleasant Valley Park is an excellent destination for hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, bird watching, or enjoying otherwise enjoying nature.

Several tree identification signs placed by the Murrysville 4-H Conservation Club are fun to explore. There are several geocaches hidden in the park which are fun to seek if you have a handheld GPS.

Visit the Pleasant Valley Park web site for much more information about the park.

Trail Map
A color version and a black and white version of a trail map, prepared for the MTA in February 2012, are available for download or printing.

Directions to Park
Pleasant Valley Park is located on Pleasant Valley Road about two miles South of the intersection of Route 22 and Trafford Road at the McDonalds traffic light. Look for the (small) park sign on the left.
Note: Use caution when entering or exiting the parking lot because of traffic on Pleasant Valley Road. (Map)